Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing Only

  • Fishing may be done with artificial flies and streamers constructed of natural or synthetic materials, so long as all flies are constructed in a normal fashion on a single hook with components wound on or about the hook. Specifically prohibited are the use of molded facsimiles or replicas of insects, earthworms, fish eggs, fish or any invertebrate or vertebrate either singly or in combination with the other materials. Likewise prohibited are other lures commonly described as spinners, spoons, or plugs made of metals, plastic, wood, rubber or like substance or a combination thereof.
  • Fishing must be done with tackle limited to fly rods, fly reels and fly line with a maximum of 18 feet in leader materials or monofilament line attached. Spinning, spincast and casting rods and reels are prohibited.
  • The use or possession of any natural bait, baitfish, fishbait or the use of any other device, natural or synthetic, capable of catching fish other than artificial flies and streamers is prohibited.
  • Open to fishing the year-round (no closed season). Fishing Hours: One hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.
  • Minimum Size: Nine (9) inches, caught on or in possession on, the waters under regulation from one hour before sunrise on June 15 to one hour after sunset on Labor Day.
  • Daily creel limit: Three combined species from one hour before sunrise on June 15 to one hour after sunset on Labor Day, caught on or in possession on the waters under these regulations. From the day after Labor Day until one hour before sunrise on June 15, the daily creel limit is zero.
  • Taking of baitfish or fishbait is prohibited.
  • A current trout/salmon permit is required.