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Dave Scadden - Expedition DLS

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The new D.L.S. comes even more loaded than last year with a new lighter aluminum powder coated frame!

The exclusive, hassle free, strapless frame attachment with virtually every usable accessory imaginable make the D.L.S. the best value in the industry. You would have to spend hundreds more to get all that comes standard on the D.L.S.

9' pontoons with internal urethane bladder, Heavy duty P.V.C. outer shell, whitewater rated*, Strapless frame attachment, dual oversized cargo pockets, dual padded rod holders, diamond plate rear deck, open oar locks with oar rites, custom contoured padded and adjustable seat, anchor system bracket, and full stripping apron. Weighing less than 47# with a load capacity of 450# the D.L.S. is a great value.

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