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Renzetti- Presentation 4000

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This vise is for the tyer who needs a vise that will handle hooks for tying trout, bass, salmon, and some salt water flies and will hold any of these hooks tight enough to be bent. It comes with two rotary tension adjustments; one to preset to a comfortable tension for all around tying, the other, a knob on the side of the vise to allow you to add tension while tying or to lock the rotary shaft in any desired position. The jaws are set at an angle to allow maximum finger clearance behind and around the hook. They have three mounting positions to accommodate different hook sizes so the hook shank can be placed on the center line of the rotary shaft. When using the rotary feature of the vise the hook shank will, therefore, turn on its own axis so you can smoothly wind hackle or other material with precision and ease.

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