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Renzetti- Master Vice

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The master's vise is the most advanced and versatile vise available. It is for the all around or production tyer and is a must for the salt water tyer. It will handle any hook from 28 to 10/0 with only one jaw and will keep the hook shank on the rotary center line. The jaw is infinitely adjustable to allow the tyer to hold the hook at any part of the hook bend. The jaw lock is lever operated and requires less than one quarter the force needed for other lever operated vises to lock the hook tight enough to be bent. In fact, the lever is only one inch long and is precisely limited in its travel so the jaw cannot be unnecessarily overstressed. The master's vise also has the traditional rotary actuator which allows the tyer to rotate the jaws by spinning the rotary arm. The arm can be reversed for left hand tying and/or locked in position to rotate in both directions. The rotary tension unit allows the tyer to adjust the drag on the rotary shaft from free spinning to a locked position at any angle desired. The ball bearing head gives precision alignment and very smooth rotary motion to the shaft.

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