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Winston BL5 Series

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These lightweight 5-piece rods are smooth, powerful and generate extremely high line speeds. Their boron/graphite composite represents a technological breakthrough in traditional saltwater rod design. By using axial boron fibers in the butt sections and titanium-coated guides, these rods are unique in that they generate exceptionally high line speeds without the need for stiff tips. they'll make long, accurate, effortless casts into the wind or short, delicate casts up close. All without compromising the feel of a Winston.
5-Weight: An all-around trout rod that offers lots of power, plus the ability to make delicate presentations. 6-Weight: A light, narrow profile, very powerful rod that can make long, smooth casts and handle the wind. 7-Weight: The 9' is a great choice for the bonefish and redfish, plus an ideal dry fly rod for steelhead and salmon. The 10' is an all-around salmon and steelhead rod that casts a 225 grain sink tip with ease. 8-Weight: The 8' 3" is a shorter rod for saltwater situations that require a low-casting profile. For freshwater, it's an excellent bass fishing rod. Our 9' is the perfect bonefish rod, as well as a great steelhead and salmon dry fly rod. The 9' 6" and 10' are all-around rods for salmon and steelhead. 9-Weight: The 9' can make long casts, and is ideal for stripers. The 9' 6" is an all-around salmon and steelhead rod, plus a very versatile striper and bluefish rod. 10-Weight: The choice for permit. It can make accurate, delicate casts in all conditions with a minimum of false casting. Great for baby tarpon and larger striped bass, as well. 12-Weight: Designed for tarpon, this rod can shoot line for long distances into the wind with one or two false casts. With extraordinary lifting strength, it's also the rod for huge fish like tuna, marlin and sailfish.

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