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Thomas & Thomas Vector Series - Freshwater

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Since their introduction these rods have been garnering rave reviews for their ability to generate incredibly high line speed with a minimum of input from the caster. Like no other rods on the market, they are the true embodiment of effortless casting. Their fine-tuned, highly-balanced, progressive taper affords rapid line acceleration without the necessity of an exaggerated casting stroke. True to their namesake, the results are laser-like line trajectories. Designed to yield an ultra-low swing weight, the Vector feels like a subtle extention of your arm. To meet the needs of the traveling angler who wants the convenience of personally carrying the rod, a new 6-piece, 9 foot, 5-weight has been added to the lineup. Lengths from 8'6 to 9' | 3-6wt. - This product has been discontinued by T&T, the Vector is only availble in "Suticase" rods.

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