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Thomas & Thomas Paradigm Series

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Paradigm Series fly rods are available by special order only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for rod completion and delivery to your authorized T&T dealer.

The action of these Paradigm rods reaches back to the poetry of flycasting. Spring creek afficianados have described them as having the ability to “paint the fly on the water.” These are the rods for the discriminating flyfisher...the angler who delights in the art of presenting flies to wary trout on oft-times gossamer tippets.

A progressive taper with extreme tip sensitivity and full-flex action are the hallmarks of T&T’s Paradigm Series fly rods. These rods are designed to load effortlessly while generating smooth, narrow loops in the full range of casting distances. Whether you are laying down a size 18 dry fly with a whisper or dead-drifting nymphs in deep currents, this fly rod will produce results. State-of-the-art technology allows Thomas & Thomas to build the Paradigm with unparalleled durability and light weight. Specially crafted, ultra-smooth stripping guides help add critical distance to your presentations. A signature silver wire adorns the distinctive T&T blue graphite just above the grip.

Line weights 1 and 2 are furnished with the classic cap and ring fitting and a cork insert. Line weights 3-6 are provided with a polished uplocking reel seat plus bubinga wood spacer and western grip.

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