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FLY TYING PATTERNS & RECIPES: Saltwater Flies: Deceiver

Rise Fishing Company


FLY TYING PATTERNS: Saltwater Flies: Deceiver
Hook: Standard saltwater sizes 2-5/0
Thread: 6/0 color optional or clear monofiliment thread
Body: Krystal flash or mylar, match color to underwing
Tail: 4-6 broad white saddle hackles
Back: peacock herl, optional - flash can be added to the wing of the fly
Head: 5 or 30 minute epoxy
Overwing: bucktail in white topped with olive, blue, chartreuse, or yellow - just plain white, chartreuse, black, or yellow can be tied
Underwing: white, chartreuse, yellow, or black bucktail
Eyes: Stick-on eyes or painted
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