Dry Flies / Emergers

Adams, FemaleDry_Emerger
Blue QuillDry_Emerger
Blue Wing OliveDry_Emerger
Blue Wing Olive emerger (cdc)Dry_Emerger
Blue wing olive emerger CDCDry_Emerger
Brown Drake (comparadun)Dry_Emerger
Brown Drake ParachuteDry_Emerger
Brown Drake SpinnerDry_Emerger
Callibaetis SpinnerDry_Emerger
CDC Biot Dun - Red QuillDry_Emerger
CDC Blue Quill emergerDry_Emerger
Dark HendricksonDry_Emerger
Dark Trico Spinner (Western)Dry_Emerger
Eastern March BrownDry_Emerger
Gray FoxDry_Emerger
Green Drake (comparadun)Dry_Emerger
Green Drake CrippleDry_Emerger
Green Drake emergerDry_Emerger
Green Drake extended bodyDry_Emerger
Green Drake Spinner (Coffin Fly)Dry_Emerger
Hendrickson CDC EmergerDry_Emerger
Hendrickson ComparadunDry_Emerger
Hendrickson emerger (cdc)Dry_Emerger
Hendrickson Snow Shoe EmergerDry_Emerger
Hi Vis Lt. Cahill ParachuteDry_Emerger
Humpy - OrangeDry_Emerger
Humpy, RoyalDry_Emerger
Isonychia - comparadun (deer hair)Dry_Emerger
Isonychia CDC EmergerDry_Emerger
Light Hendrickson TraditionalDry_Emerger
Madam XDry_Emerger
March BrownDry_Emerger
March Brown Deer Hair EmergerDry_Emerger
Matt's Baetis Quill EmergerDry_Emerger
Pale Morning DunDry_Emerger
Pale Morning Dun ParachuteDry_Emerger
PMD Pale Morning Dun CrippleDry_Emerger
Potamanthus (comparadun)Dry_Emerger
Quill GordonDry_Emerger
Red QuillDry_Emerger
Red Quill ParachuteDry_Emerger
Road Kill Badger VariantDry_Emerger
Royal CoachmanDry_Emerger
Rusty spinnerDry_Emerger
Slate Drake CDC EmergerDry_Emerger
Sulpher emerger (cdc)Dry_Emerger
Sulphur ParachuteDry_Emerger
Sulphur Parachute (cdc)Dry_Emerger
Sulphur Snow Shoe EmergerDry_Emerger
Trico SpinnerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Adams DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Blue Winged Olive BWO DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Blue Winged Olive BWO EmergerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Brown Drake SpinnerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Coffin Fly SpinnerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Cream SpinnerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Dark Hendrickson DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Dark Hendrickson EmergerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform E. Green Drake DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Female Adams DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Gray Fox DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Gray Fox EmergerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Gray SpinnerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Hendrickson DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Hendrickson EmergerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Hexagenia DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Hexagenia EmergerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Light Cahill EmergerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform March Brown DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform March Brown EmergerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Pink Cahill EmergerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Red Quill EmergerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Rusty SpinnerDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Sulphur DunDry_Emerger
Weamers Truform Sulphur SpinnerDry_Emerger
White FlyDry_Emerger
Wulff, AusableDry_Emerger
Wulff, BrownDry_Emerger
Wulff, RoyalDry_Emerger
Wulff, WhiteDry_Emerger
Yellow HumpyDry_Emerger


Apple Green Caddis EmergerCaddis
Buck CaddisCaddis
Caddis emerger - oliveCaddis
Caddis emerger - tanCaddis
Dark Varient CaddisCaddis
Delta Wing CaddisCaddis
Elk Hair Caddis - Apple GreenCaddis
Elk Hair Caddis - BlackCaddis
Elk Hair Caddis - BrownCaddis
Elk Hair Caddis - CinnamonCaddis
Elk Hair Caddis - DunCaddis
Elk Hair Caddis - OliveCaddis
Elk Hair Caddis - TanCaddis
Elk Hair Caddis - YellowCaddis
Fluttering CaddisCaddis
Goddard CaddisCaddis
Peacock CaddisCaddis
Spent CaddisCaddis


Deer Hair Bass Bug - Fruit CocktailBass
Deer Hair Bass Bug-Black Ann YellowBass
Deer Hair Bass Bug-FrogBass
Mouse Rat - NaturalBass
Multi Color Muddler-GoldBass
Red Head - Red and GreenBass
Red Head - Red and OrangeBass
Red Head - Red and YellowBass
Sunfish - DeerhairBass
Swimming FrogBass
Wiggle Legs FrogBass


Bead HeadNymphs
Black Stonefly NymphNymphs
Cahill nymph (cdc - loopwing)Nymphs
Hares earNymphs
Hendrickson nymphNymphs
Isonychia nymphNymphs
Isonychia Sparkle NymphNymphs
March Brown nymphNymphs
Matt's Golden StoneNymphs
Matt's Spring Creek ScudNymphs
Muskrat nymphNymphs
Pheasant tail nymphNymphs
Prince NymphNymphs
Scud - Gray OliveNymphs
Yellow Stonefly nymphNymphs
Zug BugNymphs

Salmon Flies

Ally's ShrimpSalmon Flies
Beginners LuckSalmon Flies
Black Bear Green ButtSalmon Flies
Black Bear Red ButtSalmon Flies
Black Ghost (Hair Wing)Salmon Flies
Blue Charm (Hair Wing)Salmon Flies
Bomber (Brown and Orange)Salmon Flies
Bondatti's KillerSalmon Flies
Buck BugSalmon Flies
Butterfly (Orange Wing)Salmon Flies
Butterfly (White Wing)Salmon Flies
Butterfly (Yellow Wing)Salmon Flies
Coburn SpecialSalmon Flies
General PractitionerSalmon Flies
Glitter BearSalmon Flies
Green HighlanderSalmon Flies
Green MachineSalmon Flies
Green RatSalmon Flies
Habeeb SpecialSalmon Flies
Hairy MarySalmon Flies
Landlocked SpeySalmon Flies
Laxa BlueSalmon Flies
Minister's DogSalmon Flies
Red ButtSalmon Flies
Royal WulffSalmon Flies
Rusty RatSalmon Flies
RutledgeSalmon Flies
Shady LadySalmon Flies
Silver Blue (Hair Wing)Salmon Flies
Silver RatSalmon Flies
Stick MuddlersSalmon Flies
Sugarman's ShrimpSalmon Flies
UndertakerSalmon Flies

Saltwater Flies

Berke's Striper SwiperSaltwater Flies
Braided BarracudaSaltwater Flies
Bunny Fly (Charteuse and White)Saltwater Flies
Bunny Fly (Olive and White)Saltwater Flies
Bunny Fly (Tan and White)Saltwater Flies
Clouser - Chartreuse and WhiteSaltwater Flies
Clouser - Tan and WhiteSaltwater Flies
Crazy CharlieSaltwater Flies
Crease Fly (pearl body)Saltwater Flies
Crease Fly (silver body)Saltwater Flies
DeceiverSaltwater Flies
Epoxy Surf CandySaltwater Flies
Epoxy, Root Beer (J. Nix pattern)Saltwater Flies
Geno's Baby AngelSaltwater Flies
Geno's Baby Angel (Grn and Wht.)Saltwater Flies
Gotcha (tan with pink)Saltwater Flies
Mullet Slider - Grey and WhiteSaltwater Flies
Permit Crab FlySaltwater Flies
RM Short-Fin SquidSaltwater Flies
Sand EelSaltwater Flies
Sand Eel (epoxy) Brn. and WhtSaltwater Flies
Siliclone - White and Lt. BlueSaltwater Flies
Spearing Fly (Bob Popovics)Saltwater Flies
Spread Fly (Bob Popovics)Saltwater Flies
Ultra Shrimp (Orig. by Bob Popovics)Saltwater Flies

Stonefly Dries

Little Black Stone (foam)Stonefly Dries
Sofa PillowStonefly Dries
Stimulator, OrangeStonefly Dries
Stimulator, YellowStonefly Dries
Yellow SallyStonefly Dries


Black GhostStreamers
Black Nose DaceStreamers
Brown Trout (Feather Wing)Streamers
Dawn's SunriseStreamers
Fat BastardStreamers
Flash-A-Bugger BlackStreamers
Flash-A-Bugger BrownStreamers
Joe's SmeltStreamers
Magog SmeltStreamers
Marabou Muddler - Black (wtd)Streamers
Marabou Muddler - Brown (wtd)Streamers
Mickey FinnStreamers
Monty's SmeltStreamers
Muddler MinnowStreamers
Olive MatukaStreamers
Rainbow Trout (Feather Wing)Streamers
She SmeltStreamers
White GhostStreamers
Wide ReceiverStreamers
Woolly Bugger - BlackStreamers
Woolly Bugger - BrownStreamers
Woolly Bugger - OliveStreamers
Zonker, Black (Wtd.)Streamers

Insect Identification

Blue Quill Female DunInsectId
Blue Winged Olive (Dun)InsectId
Brown Drake (side view)InsectId
Brown Drake (under belly)InsectId
Cahill (Dun)InsectId
Cahill (Spinner)InsectId
Cahill (Underbody)InsectId
Hendrickson (Dun)InsectId
Isonychia (Dun)InsectId
Sulphur (Dun)InsectId


Blue Winged Olive Wet BWOWets
Hendrickson Wet FlyWets
Light Cahill Wet FlyWets
Nite DeliteWets
Partridge and OrangeWets
Royal CoachmanWets
Sulphur Wet FlyWets
Woolly WormWets


Bark Beetle (Harrison Steeves)Terrestrials
Black AntTerrestrials
Black GnatTerrestrials
Crystal Butt Hopper (Harrison Steeves)Terrestrials
Flying Ant, BlackTerrestrials
Flying Ant, RedTerrestrials
Foam BeetleTerrestrials
Grass HopperTerrestrials
Griffith's GnatTerrestrials
Inch WormTerrestrials
Katydid (Harrison Steeves)Terrestrials

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