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Located in southwest Pennsylvania, Little Mahoning creek is popular for its 4.1 mile stretch of Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing Only. Flowing for 30 miles in Indiana County, Little Mahoning Creek runs cold providing fishing throughout the entire year. Little Mahoning Creek begins Just above the town of Deckers point, and flows through some beautiful country finally spilling into Mahoning Creek. The headwaters above Nashville are small averaging 15-30 feet wide. Here the creek flows through meadows, pastures, and areas of tree and brush lined banks. The creek is stocked for almost its entire length including its upper reaches from Deckers Point to Nashville. Access up here can be gained by using SR 1037 and the side roads that lead off and cross the creek. A short small stream rod is choice in this narrow thick area. Below Nashville is where the DHFFO section starts. It runs 4.1 miles; from S.R. 1034 at Rochester Mills upstream to Cesna Run. This section, averaging 50-70 feet wide, attracts a good number of anglers throughout the season. Here the creek runs over a rocky bottom with swift riffles and runs broken up by deep scattered pools.
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Holdover and stocked trout are found in good numbers here There is always the possibility of catching a good size holdover fish with the deep pools, and cool flows throughout the summer. Access to the regulations area can be found using SR 1038 or SR 1034. Both of these roads run nearby the DHFFO section. Hiking in a short distance from these roads will get you to the water. Below Rochester Mills there are still plenty of stocked and some holdover trout. However, this area does warm later in the summer months, and does not have the classic holding water found throughout the DHFFO stretch.
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Most people fish this section early in the season when water temperatures are more favorable. This area is also slow moving, and early season rains usually increase flows to a more desirable speed. However, hard rains early in the year can make this section off color. If this is the case, streamers stripped through the high muddy water can produce well. A variety of mayflies, caddis, and stoneflies are found throughout the season on Little Mahoning Creek. Sulphurs and Green Drakes are two of the mayflies that hatch. Caddis and terrestrial patterns work well during spring and summer. Stoneflies are usually best early in the year, especially little black stones which hatch in March and early April. Nymphs and streamers are usually good especially early in the morning or when the water is off color. Little Mahoning Creek is a wonderful little stream. Try the 4.1 mile stretch of fly fishing water found along its path. As many other people do, you may come back to fish it again.