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Big Bushkill Creek, located in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, is a scenic and productive early-season trout stream. The lower 12 miles of Big Bushkill are open for fishing, and there is a Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing Only stretch which is 6.1 miles; On the Ressica Falls Scout Reservation property except 200 yards on each side of the falls. The river is well stocked and you'll find holdover browns hiding along some of the beautiful ledges that characterize this creek. Numerous waterfalls also decorate the river, making it a wonderful place to spend time on a spring afternoon. The beautiful Resica Falls area is ideal for fishing and hiking along the creek.

Above Route 402, there are a couple of parking areas where you can gain access to the creek. These parking spots can be found along Firestone Road, about a mile and a half upstream from the Route 402 Bridge. Some regulations apply here and registration is required at the Boy Scout Headquarters. There is another parking area just below the bridge, where there's a walking path that follows the river a good distance downstream.

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Access to the creek below this point requires a good pair of legs and wading shoes (preferably with studs or felt) to ensure good footing along this slippery creek.

Just above the spot the Bushkill enters the Delaware River, Creek Road follows the river upstream from Route 209. Here you can access the lower stretch of the creek between Route 402 and Route 209.

Big Buskill Hatch Chart
To get into certain parts of this section of river, some hiking is required. Here, the creek is wider and more open, making casting a little easier. At Route 209 Little Bushkill Creek, which is a good trout fishery, dumps into the Big Bushkill. Below Route 209 fishing can be good, but this area isn't as popular as the upper stretches of river.

Big Bushkill Creek is scenic, with some large pools surrounded by ledges, pockets, and oxygenated runs. Large pines line the banks, creating shade so the trout feel at home. However, during the summer months, the warmer river temperatures prevent good fishing. For that reason, most people fish here into late May and early June, and thereafter, seek more suitable water temperatures on other rivers.

It's a great place early in the year, offering some fine hatches such as Hendricksons, Olives, Caddis, and Cahills. Stonefly nymphs and other generic nymphs work well here. It's a good idea to fish nymphs along some of the ledges or behind boulders where pockets are created. If you strip streamers through some of the deep pools, you may find the larger browns.

Before heading to the Big Bushkill, be sure to check the angling regulations, since a few small areas are closed to fishing and a special annual permit is required for the Scout property. Traveling to the Big Bushkill is definitely worth the trip, and it could easily become one of your favorite early-season fishing spots in Northeast Pennsylvania.